Add as many Saint Gustav Pierogi as you want do podstawowego zestawu pięciu!
* a large box holds 6 items maximum
* additional items more than 6 will be packed in an additional box
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Saint Gustav Pierogi are:
  • made of paper pulp
  • very light - perfect for a Christmas tree or Christmas - decoration
  • handmade, each one is unique and one of a kind
  • about 7 cm

We care for the environment and we are socially responsible:

  • the boxes are from a small local manufacturer
  • the labels are printed on recycled paper
  • we do not use plastic - Saint Gustav Pierogi are wrapped in natural hay
Saint Gustav Pierogi were incredibly successful at the Christmas Market (Kiermash) in Forum Przestrzenie. Most of the people; tourists, seniors, children and adults, as well as the editors of local media, did not pass by the Christmas tree full of Saint Gustav Pierogi indifferetly.


* This listing concerns a set of pierogi larger then 5 items.

* Shipping by InPost Paczkomat within Poland and by Polish Post abroad.

* Personal pickup is possible in our Manufactory based near Plac Inwalidów in Krakow, Poland.

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